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Brown eyes are beautiful, too! by Daisy-Dictator Brown eyes are beautiful, too! by Daisy-Dictator
man, fuck this stupid comic. I want the rantiest 16 year old EVERRRRR.

Who cares about eye color? Brown, blue, green, hazel, gray or fucking RED, they're all eyes at the end of the day.

First it's thigh gaps, now it's eye color? Oh boy....


One of my biggest pet peeves ever is: whenever people say horrible things about people who have dark colored eyes (brown and black). They think that blue and green eyes are "superior" to dark eyes. 

What do you think this time era is? The 1940's?

What is wrong with brown eyes? Why do so many people hate brown eyes? Why are light-colored eyes glorified while brown eyes are seen as "ugly"?! What makes you think that you're "special" because you have blue or green eyes?


Absolutely nothing.

Stop flaunting your eye color around! >:C :iconimadplz: All eye colors are pretty...just stop putting people with dark eyes down all the time!

You see, I have faced some prejudice when it came to my eye color. I still remember all the time that I was in elementary school, all the blue-eyed blondies came up to me, fluttered their blue eyes to me, twirl their blond locks with their fingers, and say 

"Look at me! My blue eyes are soooo beautiful! And my blond hair is so pretty too! I look like a princess!"

I was so angry whenever this happened. Seriously, this has been going on for so long. My blue eyed friends made me feel pretty jealous about their eye color and I constantly asked my parents

"Mom, dad? Why don't I have pretty eyes? Why don't I have blue or green eyes?"

Their reply?

"Daisy, your eyes are beautiful...they're the color of chocolate! Just like your hair!"

Yep, I have the dark hair, dark eye and pale skin combination, which I find beautiful. I had always loved this color combination, but sometimes I still wish that I had blue eyes.

My family ancestry traces way back to Spain, so this explains why most of my family members have pale skin. A few have hazel eyes. I did had blond hair when I was a baby, but it quickly changed to a dark chocolate color when I turned two years old. Growing up, people actually complimented my hair color! It was a surprise to me, because for the longest time I though only red and blond hair gets compliments. 

Do I sometimes get jealous of people who have blue or green eyes? Hell yes I do, but what can I do about my eye color? Contacts.

And I don't mean to sound rude or anything, but the only time I find light-colored eyes to be impressive is when they're on someone who has dark skin or is Asian. Same goes for people who's eyes are two different colors.

And since we're on the topic of eye/hair color... can you just imagine a world that EVERYONE have blond hair, blue eyes and pale skin? How boring! What is this, clones everywhere? Where are the people who have red hair? Brown eyes? Dark skin? Tan skin?  How BORING! And to think that there are still people out there that think that the "blond hair, blue eye" combination is the "Master Race" look. Give me a break!

Light eyes are glorified in many countries. Light skin is glorified in many countries. Why are so many people trying to look more "Western"? Skin bleaching, eye color surgery. Yes, eye color surgery! You can get the brown burned off your eye with a lazer, because underneath all the brown you have blue eyes! I kinda want to do that, but it sound very dangerous, so I might just stick to the contact lenses instead...

People who have colored eyes should be careful whenever they flaunt their eye color and say crap like "OMG MY EYE COLOR IZ SUPERRIOR 2 URZ LOL". I guarantee you that someone may attempt to poke your eyes out if you do that.


The Sylveon portrayed in this comic is the same Sylveon that decided to mess with Reshiram, which resulted in Doublade and his best friend, Glaceon, to melt into a puddle. And did that Leafeon just poked Sylveon in the eye, or the forehead? Whatever it is, you guys now know to not fuck around with Leafeon, or else he'll poke your eyes out :iconeyebleedplz:

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March 1, 2014
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